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15 February 2024
Operations Director Sales & Rentals | Al Laith

John Maddern

With a wealth of 23 years in commercial management, John has devoted over a decade to advancing the field of asset rental in Africa. His adeptness in branch/regional management, sales, and product development across the African landscape fueled his ambition to extend this expertise beyond South Africa. In 2019, he strategically explored the viability of rental opportunities for leading OEMs/Dealers/Distributors, partnering with industry giants such as Magni, JLG, MECOM, and Scamont Pumps. This exploration culminated in the establishment of two innovative startups: Co-insight, specializing in leveraging IoT for optimized returns from owned/rented assets, and Reach Rental, a collaboration with JLG introducing a unique low-level access solution to the untapped UAE market.

Recognizing the strategic value, Al Laith acquired Reach Rental in late 2023, integrating specialized Low Level Access into their successful portfolio. This acquisition forms a symbiotic relationship, enabling John to apply his extensive experience to further enhance the exceptional value Al Laith delivers to its esteemed customers.