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15 February 2024
Head of High-Level Access | Emrill Services LLC

Darren Williams

Darren Williams is head of Emrill’s high-level access services division, Heights. He ensures the safe and expert delivery of services to elevated spaces across a diverse range of projects. He has over 16 years of experience in high access and risk management across facilities management projects and large-scale events in the UK and UAE.

Williams has developed and implemented several onshore and offshore programmes and is an expert ‘Working at Height’ instructor. He has worked with global organisations and provided expertise in the design and manufacture of personal protective equipment and dropped object products. Williams has also aided in certification procedures for high-access strategy solutions for international organisations, including recently assisting in the preparation of the ‘Working at Height’ regulations for KSA.

Williams is the chairman for the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) Equipment and Standards Committee.  He is also executive director on the IRATA international board and represents the IRATA and the Rope Access Industry at global events and across ‘Working at Height’ industry regulatory bodies.