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The fourth Access & Handling Summit is uniquely poised to offer a vital knowledge-sharing forum and networking opportunity, catering to the diverse needs and interests of stakeholders within this burgeoning market.

Middle Eastern governments have proactively engaged in substantial infrastructure investments, further fuelling the requirement for access and handling equipment. Notable examples include Dubai’s Expo 2020, Qatar’s FIFA World Cup in 2022, and Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 plan, all of which mandate robust access and handling solutions.

This event serves as a pivotal platform for industry achievers, manufacturers, suppliers, and investors to delve into market trends, innovations, and opportunities within this thriving sector. Attendees stand to glean invaluable insights into the latest technologies, sustainable practices, and evolving regulatory landscapes, thereby fostering collaboration and bolstering growth prospects within the Middle East’s access and handling market.

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Industry Experts

The Access & Handling Summit offers an exceptional opportunity to connect and engage with esteemed professionals and influential decision-makers spanning industry professionals, policymakers, investors, and technology experts in the field.



The last edition of the Access & Handling Summit saw over 150 operation managers, fleet managers, engineers, contractors, distributors and solution providers meet to discuss and share knowledge, opinion and case studies.

Operation & Fleet







We place a strong emphasis on the pivotal role of content, aiming to stimulate engaging discussions and presentations that illuminate prevailing trends, challenges, and innovative solutions.

Innovations in

A&H Technology

Explore the latest advancements in technology, automation, and robotics that are revolutionizing the access and handling equipment industry. Discuss how these innovations are improving efficiency, safety, and sustainability in various sectors across the Middle East.

Sustainability and

Environmental Considerations

Focus on the growing importance of sustainability in access and handling equipment. Discuss eco-friendly design practices, energy-efficient solutions, and the integration of green technologies to meet the region’s environmental goals and regulations.

Infrastructure Development

Mega Projects

Highlight the significant infrastructure projects in the Middle East, including airports, ports, logistics hubs, and urban development. Examine the specific access and handling equipment requirements for these mega projects and discuss strategies for successful project execution.

Market Trends

Investment Opportunities

Provide insights into the current market trends, demand drivers, and investment opportunities in the Middle East’s access and handling equipment sector. Discuss potential partnerships, financing options, and market entry strategies for businesses looking to expand their presence in the region.

Safety first

Safer working with MEWPs

Many types of access & handling equipment require solid on-site training – and this is never truer than with MEWPs, with their constant potential for overturn and crushing. A dedicated session sets out the protocols clearly and in highly practical terms.

The Event


Our complete schedule and program are in the final stages of development! The event will include cutting-edge panel discussions, onstage interviews, and presentations, all thoughtfully designed to effectively convey the key aspects of the vital Access & Handling debates. Furthermore, the day will incorporate a variety of engaging, audience-inclusive components.


Our speakers are critical in underpinning the quality and credibility of the event and its role as a touchstone occasion for the regional market.

If you would like to participate and add to the topics being discussed, please contact – Stephen white

Dayim Equipment Rental Co.

Imtiyaz Abedi

Operations Director
Dayim Equipment Rental Co.

Imtiyaz Abedi

More speakers to be confirmed


Are you interested in participating at the Access & Handling Summit with opportunities to connect with the industry leaders & decision makers? – contact us now.

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For any further enquiries please contact:

Stephen White

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An ideal platform to network and interact with industry professionals and decision makers from across the region. The Access & Handling Summit will allow stakeholders in the industry to get face time with panellists and presenters, following on from interactive presentations and Q&A sessions.

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